Bing maps credential not valid

I am not sure why the Bing maps in my web site do not work properly.

It always pop up the following message stretching across my map:
The specified credentials are invalid. You can sign up for a new developer account at

Can anyone help me solve the problem please?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @lacrucci,

Do you see any options in your theme’s settings to enter a Bing Maps API key? If so, you will need to create a developer account at, generate an API key, and paste it into your theme’s options.

The documentation that came with your theme should explain this in more depth. If you can’t find it or need further help, please reach out to the author of your theme, as this is a theme-specific feature. These links may help you:

If you have trouble finding the author, let me know the name of the theme you purchased and I’ll gladly point you in the right direction.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hi @Baileyherbert,

I should have tried API in Bing Maps before. But it could not work.

The name of the theme we have purchased is “citilight”. Appreciate if you’ll guide through steps to remove the link.

Many thanks!

Hi @lacrucci,

Unfortunately I’m not too familiar with that theme and can’t advise. I also don’t see anything about Bing Maps on their documentation. My suggestion would be to reach out to the author for help with this issue. Here’s their support information:

Hope that helps!

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