Google Maps Error Fortuna

I am getting an error “Invalid key map error” when I open the contact form. The key I see on the console is not the one I changed in contact.php? Please help.

Hi, which of these three Fortuna themes are you using? The WordPress one?

If you are setting up a theme, I don’t think you should be editing the contact.php directly…

Are you using besides the map provided by the theme, another map plugin perhaps - and from there the invalid key? Just assuming, but the best thing to do is to contact the theme author, here is how:


where you want to getting help ? You have to first show demo that where you want to get help.


Hello @amicsnet

You need to add google map api

Thanks :slight_smile:

The best way to get your solution is to contact with the author of that item. Only they can provide you the best assistance. Cheers. :slight_smile: