Help with google maps appearing on travelog theme.



On the backend of my wordpress site, I’m getting an errror message saying google maps error and for me to check my javascript console. Could someone please help me to get the google maps working on my posts?




Thank you for offering your services, but I purchased this them because of the inclusion of geo maps. Why would I want to pay more money after purchasing the theme?

What do I configure GoogleMap API to?




Get your google map API key from here: , input the key in required field if there is one or your need to add it in a file where google API is calling. Don’t forget to add referral link after getting API key. If this does not resolve your issue contact theme author for support.


You should check your theme options maybe you have some option there to define the google api key, if there is such an option use the link @GomalThemes provided if not then contact the theme author to fix this problem.


Thank you so much for your reply!

Should I install the plug in “API key for google maps”? Apparently this plug in does it all for me if I supply my API key?




Give it a try if it works for you :slight_smile:


You don’t need to install anything, just follow the link and you can watch this video for instructions on how to get it.


Thanks! Google sais “to prevent api key theft and security issues” I should restrict my API key usage in the console. If I restrict it to only “my domain” been able to use it, does this effect my websites user experience in any way? What restrictions would you reccommend?

Thanks again for all your help guys!


It won’t affect your end users in any way, if you will use this api key for only one domain then it’s ok to provide it otherwise leave it blank.

Just take in considerations there are still some limits, read here.


Thanks so much !


Do I need to go into my dashboard and enable API key for all “OS” google maps android, google maps javascript API and so on? For it to work on all device?