Google Maps on ThemeForest - error


Install this theme, but I can not get the google maps application to work

instead of loading the google map, send me a message telling me to check the javascrip console

someone who knows what mistake I made?

Hi @kantarero666!

It’s impossible to say why it’s not working without knowing what the error is. The console should show the error in detail.

Would you mind sharing the URL of your site, and also the name of your theme? I can check into it for you.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok. The site is

It says you’ve exceeded your quota for Google Maps.

Google recently moved Maps to Google Cloud and requires you to have a billing account in order to get a new API key with up to 100,000 free static map calls per month.

Make sure to sign up for the new platform at, set up billing, and then get a new API key from there.

If you need further help with this I would personally suggest contacting the author of your theme at their support site:


thanks bailey! i will do that!

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