Betheme muffingroup

Hi, we bought this theme and we installed for domain that now is expired, but it’s still registered on old domain and we can’t activate on new domain.

How to solve it? Thanks for your time.

website is expired and we can’t access for delete it. Website isn’t online for various moths.

Basically one website = one license. ( end-product )

If you change the domain, you will need to get a new license apart from if the website is still online or not.

Oh my god! I’m without words. Thanks.

It’s the licence terms. You cannot use one license " as much as you want "

I know it. But now isn’t out of range terms because website isn’t online, always we make old website and now we change domain name . Anyway this is really unacceptable.

Hi @kyrosso,

Each license will cover a single end product. So, for a new domain Author may require a new license.

I think best thing to contact theme author so that they can go with the right track. Please check this one:

Otherwise please contact theme Author Author Support and let them know. Theme Author will be happy to assist you.


Hello, this is same author. We deleted old domain and bought new domain name.

I hope you understand our problem


please contact theme Author :point_up_2:

Ok Thank you again