betheme register

I installed the website with the betheme wordpress theme. I entered the registration code on the site, but as a result of my customer not extending his domain name, the site was taken down. I wanted to install the Betheme theme on a new domain. When I entered the register code, I received a warning that I had to delete the registration code from the site I registered.
What should I do in this situation? Can you show me a way to use the theme again, other than purchasing a license again?

Hi @efebulent,

Each license will cover a single end product. So, for a new domain Author may require a new license.

I think best thing to contact theme author so that they can go with the right track. Please check this one:

Otherwise please contact theme Author Author Support and let them know. Theme Author will be happy to assist you.


The site you quoted doesn’t seem to have been active for years - one domain one licence. You can contact the author as @mgscoder has suggested, but I suspect you will need to purchase a new licence. Ideally as well it should be your customer that owns the licence in case you ever disappear.