problem with the licensing (Be Theme)


I have created a website on a stating domain with the Betheme. Here I have already entered the license code. Then I transferred the website to the main domain.

I deleted the stating domain. Now I wanted to enter the license code on the main domain. Now the BeTheme shows me the error message that the license key is already assigned on the Stating Daomain (but this is deleted). How can that be? When can I contact? Support for the theme has expired. I do not see it for the problem to pay extra.

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Thanks for asking your question at here(Envato forum).
Unfortunately you can’t do this cause single license for single domain and license key is a onetime uses code you are not able to use this second time for other domain.
You have to get another license for another domain.
Each license for each domain hope you understand.


It depends on how your starting domain and main domain are different.

  • If you are transferring the same website from an old domain to a new domain, you do not need a new license, and the author should help you clear it.

  • If you installed the theme twice – once for development and once for production – then you also do not need a new license, and the author should help you clear it. In the future, try to avoid registering licenses on development installations unless required.

  • If the two domains are different websites for different companies or purposes, then you need a new license. This holds true even if the old domain or website is offline. As soon as you build a website with a theme and go live with it, you have used that license for a single end-product.

If you fit the first two bullets, the author of BeTheme has a license management system that you can use to clear the license:

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Thank your for your help!

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