BeTheme License


I have recently bought BeTheme Wordpress theme. When I try to register, it says the license is for one domain/website only. What if I need to use the theme for multiple websites. It doesn’t say when you buy the product and when its time for register, it says that the theme is only for one website only.

I have previously bought the wordpress theme from here but I have not faced this issue.

Please let me know how can I upgrade the license for multiple websites.

Thank you.

1 wesite = 1 license

For each domain you need to buy a license. And not only for BeTheme - for any theme.

I have previously bought themes. There was no license issue in Wordpress theme. Themes were allowed to use for multiple time.

There is no license for multiple time - if theme allows you to use it multi-time the Envato rules does not allow you to do that (take a look on link above). For each site you must have a license.

It’s only ever been 1 license = 1 site

If you have used them multiple times then that is in breach of then license.

The issue you are having is a step taken by authors now to prevent people doing exactly that

Hi @kcreativehub

As from the above reply you already came to know that each domain/website will need each individual license. So for using the theme for multiple website you have to buy multiple license. Inshort you have to buy license as many as you would like to use for individual website/domian.