ThemeForest Licences Terms broken by the new BeTheme licensing

In your FAQs you wrote:

"Do I need to buy a new license each time I create a landing page within my site using a landing page template?

As long as it’s all on the same domain, a single license is fine."

Since version 20 BeTheme doesn’t allow the installation of the themes on different subdomains. This is only possible with the theme when using a WP multisite setup. But I don’t want a MultiSite setup - I simply want to use the same licence on two staging subdomains like and Those are on the same domain and so, according to your FAQ, I only need one licence!

Am I wrong here?

I’m sure if you contact BeTheme Support they’ll help you with this.

how should they help? The way they implemented the new licence function does not allow the use of a licence on two subdomains - it’s simply not possible at the moment.
But I got the licence from ThemeForest and there you can find the statement that it has to be possible… shouldn’t ThemeForest contact BeTheme to correct this?

Please note that the license agreement is for a single end product so if your subdomains are not part of the same end product or don’t have anything to do with eachother then you cannot do this.

If your subdomains are indeed part of the same end product, you can definitely contact BeTheme. It’s their system so they should be able to get your license working on your subdomains rather quickly, regardless of what the interface you see can and cannot do.

If you believe an author is violating the terms then you can contact Envato (ThemeForest) here:

However, you should try contacting BeTheme first. They’ll respond much faster than Envato Support will.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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