Best Wordpress theme for membership site?

Hi, expert coders. Newbie here. I have been charged with the task to build membership websites ranging from associations for real estate to membership sites that make money via membership subscriptions. Can anyone recommend a good Wordpress theme with good SEO, that are responsive on cell phones as well as aesthetic on desktop computers, for membership websites? TIA.


There’s several themes or plugins which have membership functionality but there’s a bit more to think about.

  1. depending on exact requirements and added functionality you may need different solutions or custom work.

  2. something like this is not, with respect, really a beginner level job

  3. if you are charging for the subscription and/or to use the site then you need to have an extended license PER SITE for any theme/plugin etc you use from here.

These tend to be certainly hundreds of $ if not thousands for most WP themes so it may be worth considering hiring a developer to custome build something that is exactly what you need and can be reused without relicensing.