Best Science Fiction Movie Trailers for After Effects

What are the best After Effects movie trailers for science fiction movies?

We want you to post your favorite science fiction related After Effects movie trailers from VideoHive.

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Hi, my project was used in this trailer, time: 0:27 0:35

Well well well!! I love sci-fi theme! Got few of those!:

The full trailer intro for science and science fiction themes!

And a pretty unique stuff - eery sci-fi style logo trailer!

Sci-fi and hi-tech trailers is my favorite themes!

What’s so good about the trailer template?

  • Essential Graphics ready (Adobe Premiere ready) for export
  • 4k UHD Native Trapcode & Pre-rendered Resolution
  • Current version 2.0
  • Easy to change the texts and duplicate scenes in case you need more of it
  • 101% Editable

What’s so good about the trailer template?
The best feature of this trailer is design. Apart from the preview video, you can also see some high quality screenshots on this gallery.
The design is created entirely in After Effects. There are no plugins for the star particles, no pre-renders for planets or nebula effects. Every texture and element is made in AE and it usually starts with a simple Fractal Noise effect. Actually, I would say the entire design is around 90% fractal noise. Starting with planet textures, background starts, galaxies, nebulas, it’s all a combination of many simple AE effects. It was quite a fun and challenging project to produce.

What’s so good about the trailer template?

  • The project has a beautiful cinematic atmosphere enhanced by scenes of the deep space. Definitely, it will look great for any science movie. Oh, yes, the project has 4K resolution, special for cinema screens.

Modern trailer with particles, can also be used on topic

What’s so good about the trailer template?

This is no ordinary sci-Fi trailer. It is multifunctional and can fit to many sci-Fi projects. You can this template for a movie or a personal project. In any case, you will receive a unique design for your project!

What’s so good about the trailer template?

This sci-Fi trailer. It is necessary for those who want to create atmospheric and not the usual style for your project. He is very technologically advanced, mysterious and not ordinary. Using this project your science fiction movie will be the most successful.

What’s so good about the trailer template?

This is a serious, dynamic sci-Fi trailer. If you need an epic trailer for your sci-Fi project. With this project, your film will look like full-length Hollywood movie.

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My Project:

What’s so good about the trailer template?

    It does not require deep skills in AE
  • Great, powerful, modern Futuristic Atmosphere!
    The modern video design of the future is perfect for the most epic projects.

    What’s so good about the trailer template?
    Music is included. Project is fully customizable. All geometry made from masks inside After Effects and Element 3d. No extra models and re-linking problems. So you can easily change shape of the tunnel. Just draw/edit your masks. You can add more tubes and other wall elements. In a few clicks you can change atmosphere by picking other color of the lights and titles. Modular structure - easy to edit.

    something different

    Nibiru 2012

    Original template in sci-fi and apocalyptic style with unexpected ending. You stay in suspense by watching the space ships, not knowing whether they are defending or attacking

    Hi guys! This is my first sci-fi title project, it was a really amazing experience to me. Glad to share in this warm community. I hope you like it!

    Hello everyone! Glad to share my two best borks on this topic!

    Interstellar Journey

    Solar System flight through space from planet to planet. The good thing about it is that it's made entirely using Element 3D. I tried to get max performance out of this plugin and it the most difficult and biggest work i ever done in this plugin.

    Second project is my first SiFy project for titles and trailers

    Space Opening Titles

    Solar System flight through space from planet to planet. It has a very complex camera path and it's cutless.

    What’s so good about this trailer template?

    • Modular, well organised structure for fast editing + detailed videotutorial
    • Digital glitch style, which is perfect for Sci-Fi / Cyberpunk movie trailers, digital openers and so on

    What’s so good about the trailer template?

    If you have become the proud owner of the project MUSICBOT before, thanks to the project TRAILER STUDIO TWO you will not be attached to the built-in sounds and take absolutely any audio track and make it based on the brand new video background for your video projects into After Effects.
    This is the beginning of a new series of products that complement each other.

    For the reason because there are no 8K sci fi planet projects available on Videohive. Additionally, these are not your everyday solar system planets but these are fiction planets that could be in our far sides of our galaxy and completely editable in After Effects. No Plugins Required.