Best Boom-Bap and Laid-Back Hip-Hop Music for Vlogs & Video

####Here are the results of our search for the best Boom-Bap music. Continue to post your recommendations if you discover any more Boom-Bap hip-hop gems!

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##What are the best laid-back hip-hop and boom-bap style tracks on AudioJungle that are perfect for vlogs and videos?

####Boom-bap and laid-back hip-hop is often epitomized by smooth vibes, big beats, and chopped-up samples. It’s the the sound of the summer for many vlogs and videos and we want to find out what you think are the best examples of this genre on AudioJungle!


Here are some examples of what we’re looking for!



###How to Enter

  • Research and select TWO of your favorite boom bap and laid-back hip-hop tracks on AudioJungle and post a link to each item right here in the forums.
  • You may include a maximum of ONE item that you created yourself in the list if you wish.
  • Each of the two items you share must be created by a different author (so no two items from the same author, please).
  • You MUST write a description of what you like about EACH item in your list (minimum of two sentences per item, please!), why it’s good, effective for video/vlogs and/or and why you think it perfectly captures the essence of hip-hop!
  • One entry per user, please, so please pick carefully and only choose/share the very best items!
  • Posts that do not follow the requirements and/or only seek to self-promote will be removed.
  • Like someone else’s recommendations? Give it a “like” and support your fellow community members!

###Special Prize

  • We’re giving away an Envato coffee mug via a random drawing from all entries!
  • We’ll select and publish a round-up of the best recommendations on our blog
  • Hurry! Deadline ends at 11pm (AEST) on Friday, 2nd June 2017

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Good luck! We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing your recommendations!

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Hi, here is my work in laid-back style, I think this track is perfect for a commercial of real estate, or a video related to the auto theme. This track creates an atmosphere of calm and relaxation

And this track I like for its funk and power. A great option for any street vlog

Hi everybody. Here is my choice of boom-bap hip-hop

This track sounds rich and luxury, also has bright summer mood, wich is perfect for any kind of modern and urban video

This track is simple and bright and also creates some kind of discovery mood. It sound very universal and urban, so it’s also perfect for commercial, advertising, vlogs etc.

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Hi! Here is my choice of boom-bap hip-hop

Oldschool HipHop Track with Lounge atmosphere and modern glitch and reverse effets.

Hip-Hop track with piano melody and vocal chops.

Hello everyone! Here is a couple hip hop tracks, which i think is great for videos and vlogs.
This is my hip hop track in Boom bap style. I think catchy instrumental melody of this track is great for background commercial usage. Groovy beat with big fat drums and deep bass will make any video dynamic and energetic. It’s great for sport, extreme, motivational, urban, street and car videos.

And this hip hop track is also in Boom Bap style. I like this smooth and warm vibe. With groovy light drums, classic and stylish hip hop melody and with calm vocal, this track will make any video bright and positive. I think it’s great for slideshows, vlogs, fashion and travel videos.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

This is my first choice, nice vlog hip hop style track with great chopped-up samples. Great summer jazzy hop-hop tune…

And the other choice made by myself, positive background hip-hop style track, I think It could be very useful for vlogs…happy summer trumpet theme…

Best wishes too all…

This is my Laid-Back Hip-Hop track sustained in lounge and relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for fashion Vlogs & Video about urban city life. Cool mood, variety of instrument melodies, short length and low price makes this track very attractive for commercial usage.

The second track. I like it’s street style, cool selection of sounds and perfect sound production. Fits great to vlog videos and slideshow.


What you think about this track.

and this…

The first track is made by myself. This is positive, sunny and melodic classic hip-hop track.

Next track is made by @COSMONKEY . I love positive atmosphere and melody of this track!

Dear friends :slight_smile:

I really enjoy this fashionable atmosphere and lovely energy from this outstanding production. This production is perfect for fashion slideshows.

The second track is my hiphop track with pumping energy. I can imagine this track supporting gangsta scenes or urban life.

Hi everyone! I’ve been creating sound effects on AJ for the past year but recently just became active contributing music tracks. I’ve always loved creating hip hop in my spare time and it so happens that my first accepted track was of this genre.

I think it is a particularly effective track due to the simplicity. I walked away creating this one feeling more satisfied than I usually am with the arrangement. I think it has some really great utility for the style of music it represents.

The second track was one I recently came across just searching through some recently added tracks. This one I really appreciated the up front use of the vocal samples and the overall arrangement. It was cool to hear something lean toward less anticipated/expected instrumentation.

Hi there! Here is my choice of boom-bap hip-hop :sunglasses:

Hi everyone!
This is my first choice, energy, hip-hop track in Boom-Bap style! Perfect for commercial, vlog and blog video on YouTube! I like the music of this author!

And secondly, made by myself, soft and relax atmospheric track for art, technology, fashion, stylish, lifestyle, designs and beauty. All thanks to a beautiful cello melody.

Thank you!

Hi there !
For me this composition with elements of vocals is off the charts with his mix ! This author @Eleone clearly knows how to write hip hop ! yay !

And there is another track by @Micrah , by the way is also very cool mixed with elements of vocals that I like is the fact that all the instruments are mixed so clean which is nice to listen to !
By the way after this one I feel black-man :joy: ?

Hip Hop by @AShamaluev
This is my new energetic and punchy Hip-Hop track. Perfect for urban and street lifestyle videos, sport and action videos, youth advertising, vlog, photo collage and photo slideshow, promotions, commercials, advertising videos, presentations and more.

This Is Hip Hop by @butterflystudio
Full of power and energy hip-hop track for your media. Perfectly for YouTube content, video blogs, presentation, advertising, promo, TV etc.

Hi There! My Favorite track number 1

High quality production. Easy use, easy cut, included 2 version different length. Very atmosphere, warm and stylish, I think he perfect for fashion video, background,lifestyle video, beauty blogs and more commercial video projects!

track number 2 my work

Its old school, easy, funky hip hop track with warm synths, strings and rhythm guitar. Perfect for background, old school, retro video, fashion and beauty.

This is fantastic boom bap hip-hop beat by @COSMONKEY . I like the choice of samples for this track, chopping structure, catchy positive mood and clean soft mixing. Great job.

My fresh hip-hop music with interesting sound. In this beat i used a combination of sliced audio samples and vst instruments parts. Happy and positive boom bap hip-hop for video openers, vlogs and youtube promos.

One of my favorite laid-back hip hop music track is music by CofeeBeats! He is talented and write great music. This track is contemporary and it has a brass instruments. This track ideal for video without lyrics, because this track has a vocal samples! Listen this track here:

This is the second track that I liked. I think that this track is good for interesting video blogs. Viewing events and a slide show will look attractive!

Hi everyone! This is my choice!
Hip-Hop track by @COSMONKEY . I like positive atmosphere, perfect vocal samples and melody of this track! This track is PERFECT JOB!

This is my track in Boom-Bap style. Positive, energy hip-hop with insteresting sound.