Oldschool Hiphop Beat



Hey guys, just wanted to share my newest addition to the jungle: An oldschool boombap hiphop beat! Please lemme know what you guys think!


Ok let’s AJ watermark be working until B-Real is … unavaliable :smiley:
Fat and groovy beat, and it brings the real taste of young cypress :slight_smile: Cool!


i like it personally, i am not an expert in music even if i love music , for me the only thing is that the music is a bit repetitive in my opinion but very good all the same


Thanks, guys! Much appreciated! You’re right about the repetitiveness, though. It’s always searching for a balance between repetitiveness and complexity, creating a trance-like ‘bop your head’ kind of rhythm.


The idea is good. Rhythm could be even dirtier, a little more compression on the master.