Best Boom-Bap and Laid-Back Hip-Hop Music for Vlogs & Video

Here is my choice:

This track has everything to be in a trendy summer vlog. It has clean and stylish sample chops with some gentle funky vibes and vinyl hip-hop drums which create a great atmosphere.This track does not take too much attention and creates the right rhythm for the video.
Great job! @guitarsstate

This boom bap hip-hop track has an energy and rhythm. It’s easy to use it in the variety of the video projects. This track has a straight chopped rhythm, which is good for video cuts. Besides, this track has a great mood and stylishly sliced vocal and instrumental samples, which undoubtedly can add the right emotions to the video.

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Hello! Here is my choice:

  1. My own work. Modern and stylish hip-hop tune with punch drums, funk & electronic elements and catchy vocal. This track is perfect for fashion, review, stylish and many other video projects
  2. Nice and cathy funky hip-hop track

Hip Hop Mood by @cinematic_alex
Excellent summer Jazz Hop! Good suitable for blogs, YouTube videos and various reviews.

Hip Hop by @ArtIss
Powerful hip hop beat! Excellent for video with friends, travel, party and sport videos.

My Hip-hop muisc with sax and jazzy atmosphere can be used in vlogs and blogs about travaling, cooking food, as background for DIY videos.

Great Chill Hip-Hop. This music perfect for different vlogs and blogs about fashion.

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Hi to All :slight_smile:

Like this two tunes


Good background hip hop with gentle and soft sounds and old school notes. Fashion and stylish hip hop music with internal energy.

2. by @GoodMusicMood

Jazzy hip hop music, clean sound, positive socialistic (or Spanish) :slight_smile: and summer mood. Very beautiful and very cool tune!


Hi there! My favorite work this background beat track. It’s track very softly and easy listening.

And I like work of COSMONKEY. He’s amazing of hip hop boombap soundproduser

Great Intelligent and chill hip-hop music. Perfect as background for different kind of blogsand vlogs.

Beautiful and relaxing hip-hop music with piano, strings. Perfect for blogs and vlogs about romantic, love, feelings etc.

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My favorite hip-hop track from Cosmonkey’s portfolio. Calm atmosphere and good combination of instruments. Perfect for different videos.

This is my track. The drums have always been the basis in hip-hop music and here it is realized at an good level. Music perfectly fits under the video as to beauty blogs and for other vlogs.

Hello, this is what I prupose, thanks :

Hey Scott, to mix it up a little I chose two tracks I thought broke the mould. :smiley:

This mix of Future bass and Hip-hop sounds make this track super versatile in a way which other tracks don’t manage. The quality of the production is brilliant as well. Kicktracks has done a fantastic job here. This is a great mood.

This is a Hip-hop track which is a little different. Where most Boom-Bap tracks use rhodes samples and chops, I decided to throw a serious amount of guitar at the track, and I’m fairly pleased with the result. Hope you enjoy!


My choice:
Light and inspiring composition by @COSMONKEY with soft beat and fresh sounding vocal chops.

My track:
Motivating and energetic track with thick beat, warm bass, soft vocal chops and bright summer atmosphere.

Hello everyone! Here is my selection of 2 good, rhythmic, light Boom-Bap tracks, with summer touches and fresh sound.
Good luck to all :slight_smile:
1)Modern and stylish hip-hop tune with punch drums, funk & electronic elements

2)Energy, funky hip-hop track with punch drums, funk horns & electronic elements,and catchy vocal

Hello :slight_smile:

Stylish and positive hip hop track with vintage vibe, featuring cool trumpet chops:

I like this one. Warm atmosphere and calming mood. Perfect for chill summer videos.

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Hi guys, hear is my choices.
Summer Boom-bap track from me. Gathered all summer elements on it!

My favorite. For me, it reminds me of 2003 Japanese music scene. I cannot help but to repeat.

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Hi guys!
Here is the first track. I guess it’s perfect for positive, lifestyle videos or any other usage in videos/vlogs. It has cool catchy hip-hop beat and beautyful and melodic sample chops and sounds :slight_smile:

Here is my 2nd choise. It has calm and chilled mood. Perfect for style/fashion related videos, food or beauty blogs. It has smooth beat and beautiful sample chops to bring you that urban mood :slight_smile: cool track! I love it! best hip-hop track!

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First track, that I want to present is “Hip-Hop” by @ArtIss. This is very powerful true hip-hop beat. This positive and energetic vibe is amazing, “boom-bap” drums so hard and punchy, I really enjoy this one. @ArtIss is very professional beatmaker, I think this track will be perfectly fit for something active, like sports or extreme videos, vlogs, etc.

Second beat is my track, that called “Positive Hip-Hop”. I can’t say a lot about my work, but this one contatins funky and positive vibe, heavy bass and hard-hitting “boom-bap” drums. This track will be perfectly fit for vlogs, travel or summer videos, etc.

Here’s my tune

with really laid back feel

Another good one is

from reallife4

Here’s my suggestion for the boom Bap category! It has that laid back jazzy chill feeling!

And here’s my suggestion from another author! It has a great upbeat feeling to it: