Bellevue Theme license key

I am trying to get my license key to work on the Bellevue theme my client purchased. My envato purchase code doesn’t work, it says invalid. I have tried many times. I opened a ticket with themovations and I don’t seem to be getting any further with resolving this issue for my client’s site. They have only told me to use my envato purchase code and no other solutions are forthcoming. I would appreciate being able to update the theme, as it has been paid for. From what I understand this is needed to update, right? Has anyone else had this issue or been able to fix it? Thanks

You are using the p/code for the copy that the client purchased?

Yes, well I purchased it and they reimbursed me. I am a bit confused because from the main dashboard of Bellevue looks like it must already be linked to the license as it is showing - registered premium support: active . I don’t remember ever linking it to my purchase and in the Bellevue settings > license section it is empty, and it is here that I was trying to put the envato purchase code.