Because Quality stanndard hard rejected

parekh digital agency
This is the link of html template i created.

this message came after submitted. Please could anyone can help me what is wrong
in my html templates.

Please if want copy of my templates share me email address will send you copy of that
so you are able to tell me that what is the issue.

And want to ask what is the quality standard . Could you not able to talk clearly.
are we cheater guys?

If you will not tell that what is wrong thing then how will we cure it next time ??

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First of all, Don’t use bad words here…

Your web template is good but is from 2006 design standards. Improve it

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Ok bro then what is the quality standard of 2021. Please tell or give me inspirations.

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Slider - slow that down please. Don’t care for the background color of the sticky menu, About Us section, This does reflect an older style of design, look at examples on Themeforest. One example of a more modern style. Fill full width of page with image on left and Heading, text, etc. on right. No margins. Don’t round the edges on the image. Make it a rectangle. Lots of examples to look at. Icons under Services section too big. Use different background color behind each section, even if it’s as simple as white, followed by light grey. Use a different sans-serif font. I like the Some Facts section. Main text too small on different parts of the page.
I didn’t look at the site on other devices, but can tell you what I saw in my Chrome emulator extension… Iphone, Testimonials text not fitting on background properly. First slider image. If you’re going to put the text over the slider on the left, then you should try flipping the image behind that horizontally, so you can see the main subject of the image. Meaning, so the man on the computer can be seen on the right. Ipad emulator view, nav bar goes to second line. Nav bar not lined up properly with the logo. One option is to use hamburger menu on Ipad, another is to change padding or margin of logo and nav items, so everything fits properly. Good luck!!!


The simple example you can see popular designs on the dribbble and behance. Also, hope you can use google :slightly_smiling_face:


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Thanks bro . please want one help.

Could you please share your email. I will send the code file of the template. So what wrong thing I did in design. Could please tell me??

Please do not ask people to check your code. The main issue of your template is the design anyway, you should focus on that first. Just check some recently approved bestsellers here on ThemeForest if you need inspiration.

I know that you don’t want to help me. But that’s ok. No problem