BBpress as support forum + new plugin


Hi, i’m using BBpress + GetShopped Support Forum plugins to handle my purchasers tickets and if you (TF and CC authors) are doing the same, i just wanted to let you know that i released, on the WordPress repo, a little plugin pretty useful that automatically sets tickets status to resolved if tickets are older than a month. It’s a basic rule but it helps keeping the support forums clean and organized.

So if you want to get the plugin, get it here:


Hey corsonr,

I’ve just spent the past few days playing around with bbPress and the GetShopped support forum plugins (and bootstrap!).

I’ve just launched a little support forum here:

Still trying to figure out the best way to integrate Envato Purchase Code checking. I think I’ll put it on the registration form, and another option in the sidebar so people can add multiple licence codes down the track.

bbPress user registration was an absolute nightmare to get working on multisite - maybe it was just me - but it was so hard! still not 100% sure it’s working right.


Hi, that’s pretty weird, i never had these issues, do you want me to have a look at it ?