Background Graphics Rejected - Theories?

I’ve had submitted at least 2 backgrounds to graphic river so far and both were rejected. This is the latest one. Anyone have a theory why? Is it too artistic? Should I go for a simpler design?

Hi, I think that your background see too artist (excuse for I say it) therefore no accepted your sell.

P.S: Sorry my bad english.

I think today design trends are clean and minimalistic, this one is quite opposite :slightly_smiling: Also I cant imagine the use possibilities, since there is a lot of dark and light areas mixed, it should be problematic to place fonts od design elements. It looks more like VJ footage :slightly_smiling:

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well if u so we may all end uo doing flat and poor things too … so i hope it cannot be a reason …some trends are killing the profession out of pushing guys to do some types of works that anybody can do out to learning the tools and that is very bad on the longer run

i think that you design is neither un-aesthetic, nor too common and thus should b accepted in my view

Yes youre right, but this kind of hardcore overlay footages is out for at least ten years.

well i would rather depict this as classic and according to the termination u are using that makes a whole difference lol ( shift from negative to positive)

Yes lol, but I was trying to be gently before and you started to use my words as I am setting some design rules lol. Not everything have to be minimal and flat, but there are some ranges of aesthetic trends which should be accepted. Its not against the author, anyway this is kind of work, which you are happy with, when you open Ps for first time. Regarding my first Ps touches. :smile: