How is this happening??

This item that I just uploaded just got rejected and then you guys accept this??: [Removed]

How? I’ve been uploading item after item here and every single one gets rejected? I’d understand if the others getting accepted are better but how is a simple abstract background called pink lines accepted over what I just uploaded? How??



Maybe the reviewers aren’t braindead, but understand that there’s fantastic free resources for such a simple thing.


Well, there are free websites for everything from backgrounds to mockups and even themes but this is a marketplace. As such, if they are going to accept an abstract background like the example in my original post (which by the way there are millions of free backgrounds like that as well) they have to accept this. There is no way around it buddy.

Check out my top selling item: [Removed]!

Same theme as the website which you just linked (which I have many free patterns on by the way) and the item still sells to this day.

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First off, don’t call me Buddy, and don’t call reviewers braindead.

Secondly your item was uploaded in 2012, believe it or not but quality standards have changed since then.


I’ll call you whatever I want. And you still don’t want to address the example I posted because you simply have no explanation for it buddy.

Haha, good luck then, I’m sure people will be racing to help you with an attitude like that.


I sell on multiple sites, believe me I know what the standards are.


Your patterns are very nice you best seller, 4 stars patterns :slight_smile:

I forgot say that congrats!!!



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Again you failed to address the example I posted lol

Hello @tommusrhodus and @graphicmind

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My bad, just frustrated.