Background Audio for Product presentation for youtube video

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I have some youtube videos for wristwatches i wanted to put on youtube ( Product presentation ) . They dont have vocals and i was looking for some audio to put in the background , as there is so many files in audio jungle can anyone shoot me some ideas of what type of music i should put in the background ?

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Maybe something like this:

Hi feel free to have a listen

Hi ins! I can suggest:

Smart Mashines Pack

Electronic Technologies

Tender Feelings

Future Technology


Try this:

Hello Mate,

Check this out:

  1. Corporate Presentation
  2. Positive Attitude
  3. You Can

Or Corporate Pack:

  1. Corporate Pack

a big watch company used this song of mine in one of their videos


Hi there. Here’s a collection of modern classical tracks which might fit the bill:

Not sure if you’re looking for something a little more “motivating & technological,” but my track “Inspirational” has got that (plus it’s long enough for a longer presentation):

Good luck on your quest!!

Hello! Try this:

Hello! Check this one:

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Hi ins - See if one of these works for you:
Soft Tech
Inspiring Fashion
Thanks for listening and good luck on the search!

Here are few tracks I can recommend -

Here is a Collection of items from a variety of other composers as well!
Hope you find what you’re looking for!


Try this:

Hello Mister T,

I Propose you those tracks :

Good luck in your project !

Hello Mate,

Check this out:

Hey there,

Check this out:



Abstract & chill:

Funky again:


Good luck!

Hello There, you may want to check this collections:

Cheers :smile:

Well it depends on whether the wrist watches in videos are worn by distinguished gentlemen or young adrenaline junkies

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Hi, try this: