Authors demotivation

Hello Everyone,
i’ve just started selling and being an author on Themeforest. Untill now i was soo motivated to work on projects, sell and e.t.c. But when i have looked for some websies offering free premium templates, and that demotivated me now to do what i do at all. I’ve gathered a list of kind sites but i can’t publish them here for privacy issues. Please, any ideas, solution or anything how to deal with it? Don’t misunderstand me :frowning: . I’m open for someones motivational speech.

The best advice anyone can give you is to try (appreciate it’s not easy) to ignore these and look past them.

There’s loads of advice here and here from envato and you should also keep updating your files regularly so that at least the nulled versions are outdated and not the current main file.

Ultimately there is only so much that authors, envato or anyone else can do about these sites. I don’t condone a thing about them but the issue is far from exclusive to selling items here.

I agree. Thousands of websites out there are giving away creative assets: themes, music, graphics, you name it. Some people is happy to work for free, this might happen for a number of reasons and we have to accept it.

In my opinion, we need to work hard and keep producing good items. Customers looking for quality will always be happy to pay for a good theme, a good track, a good AE template etc… :smiley:

For all the bad guys out there, there’s still plenty of good guys as well! Some authors maybe thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars a month here… and I’m sure they’ve had to put up with the same issues.

Those guys actually help you.
But you REALLY help you, you need to keep working on theme updates, which will make your theme amazing and others to pay for your updates instead of having a free version! :slight_smile: