Author Videohive looking for cooperation

Hello I am a Videohive author searching for a sound that is suitable for my project (music which is currently in preview I do not like).

Also looking for composers audiojungle for ongoing collaboration.



I am at your service.
Feel free to reach me out

Check out some of my logoes bellow

Hi CRY3D. Please check out below. I have others as well. Let’s collaborate!

Hi @CRY3D ! Try these

The second just fit in time and do not need to be cut :slight_smile:

Hi @CRY3D!
Try this one:

Feel free if you wish cooperate or need any edits or custom work.
Best Regards!

Hi, @CRY3D!
I think this hybrid track can be fine for such type of project:

Also orchestral epic always work cool with videos and create powerful atmosphere:

Best regards

Maybe some of these will fit your project

Here’s my portfolio (only 6 tracks at the moment). I hope you’ll find something suitable to your needs :slight_smile:

Hi! Maybe you need some sfx?
This is my regularly replenished Christmas and New-Year Sound Effects collection✓&sort_by=sales_count
And here is my Portfolio -✓&order_by=sales

Hello, here is my portfolio with some logos maybe you’ll like. Thanks

Hi CRY3D, very cool Logo, congratulations!

Here is one of my tracks that I feel it blends perfectly, take the short version
Punchy Metal Logo – Short – [0:11]


Cool logo!

I don’t have anything suitable for this but maybe for something else in future? I am always happy to collaborate!!

Hello! Ready to cooperate

Pretty sure after almost 2 years he already found something.