Looking for an audiojungle artist to create soundfx and track for logo opener

Hey there AJ authors!

Like the title says
I’m Looking for an audiojungle artist to create soundfx and track for this logo opener:

Best regards

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Are you looking for some style in particular?

This author got really good logos, an example here.

Some styles that I like.

Hi @starfaII. See if this might work for you. Good luck with the project!

And for a more elegant sound…

I might have found something that almost matches but there is no way i can find something that will
exactly fit the animation, and at this point having 150 3D layers that should be shifted around to get the animation to fit the sound its ludacris to search for it.

Let me rephrase myself i want a collaboration with some of you AJ authors to make a sound for this animation from scratch and sell it through their profile for mutual benefit.

If there is anyone interested please contact me.


@WormwoodMusic @ShymonMusic @gballx @Ladanauskas


Thank you friend! :beer:!

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There would be an interesting issue if the videomaker will be perfectly satisfied with custom made logo and sound design, but the sound part will be rejected to upload to AJ on audio side. Because of it’s exclusive adaptance for example.

So you will need to sell it including the videoproject and contract the audiomaker for percentage from sales?

Hi, @starfaII!) If you don’t find track yet, maybe you like mine:


You might be right of the audio part being rejected on the AJ site, but if it’s done well i don’t think that would be the case,having said that i am ready to buy it for some commission but in that case the AJ author might lose a lot as when i see this logo in my humble opinion i see 100 sales and in that scenario the AJ author is losing a good amount of sales(if i sell it directly with my item).
Anyways if someone is still interested let me know.

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I can make a custom logo just for you if it’s still valid?

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It is valid Shymon. Contact me through my portfolio if you want to.


Check out my logo, maybe it will fit :slight_smile: Good luck :slight_smile:

I can help you with this. Inform if the offer is still valid. :wink::wink: All the best!

Hello @starfaII ! I see you find an author this time… But if you think about collaboration in the next project - let me know. I also searching for a motion designer for creating something complex and interesting.
You can check my sound design portfolio here:
Best regards.

Igor, I made this Logo Reveal for your project that you posted here.

Maybe you can use it in your file or include a link with your project files if someone might like to purchase it for use with your project. Thank you and let me know if I can do some other sound design for you in the future.