Author of WP plugin FS Poster has stopped posting updates to Envato

The author of the WP plugin FS Poster has stopped posting updates to Envato. They claim users are downloading and sharing the plugin illegally.
I like to keep the previous version of a plugin so that if an update goes wrong I can easily roll back.
However, because I am being forced to use the update button, this is not possible.
Is someone able to address this problem please?

You can download the latest copy on your downloads page on CodeCanyon then you have the main files

No, I can’t. That’s the point.
The version currently available for download is 6.4.0, dated May 17, 2023.
That’s four releases ago. Since then ther has been 6.4.1 (June 7, 2023) and 6.4.2 (June 18, 2023).
The current version is 6.4.3, dated June 29, 2023.
I’ve asked them about this before and they are reluctant to upload the current version because they say people are downloading and pirating it.
That may be the case, but that’s not my problem.
I should be able to download what I’ve paid for.
They are also trying to push users away from Envato to Discord for support.

I’m pretty sure they are not allowed to do that - you’d be better off asking support

Envato Market Help and Support

Yep. That’s my take. I reckon they are getting ready to leave Envato if they are encouraging customers to move support to Discord. I might be wrong.
What do you mean by ask mean support? Whose support? Theirs? Or does Envato have its own support?

The link above opens a ticket for you with envato who would be able to confirm if it is allowed and if not then potentially take action

Thanks. I contacted Envato support directly.
They can’t or won’t do anything about it. What a way to run a business?
And I quote:
“we do not have control over the author’s actions or decisions. They are responsible for maintaining and updating their products and providing support to their customers.”
They’ve referred me back to the author, the same author who has already said no to my request. Boy they must have spent a lot of time looking into it. Talk about spineless. What a waste of time . . .