Author moved theme to another account under a different name

Hey guys,

So recently I purchased this theme called Helik.
I contacted the Author as to why he removed it, and he told me he will move it to another account of his.

It was here :
Now it’s here : Celik - Furniture WooCommerce Theme by familab | ThemeForest

Name changed from Helik to Celik.
I contacted him about it, and he told me to email them for support.
But I’d have to contact them every single time when an update gets released.
Is there a way Envato can replace the Helik item in my account with Celik ?


Get in touch with envato market help center explain about your purchase item and author hope they would like to assist you with an official answer.


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I checked the help center, but i don’t see any way to contact envato directly.
that’s why i decided to write a forum post instead.

Would appreciate a link to a ticket system or a email i can reach them on.

Here is


Thanks mate, really appreciate it!

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Just report to the Envato support. Authors are not allowed to move the same item one to another account

The danger here is that typically once an item is deleted or taken down, then it cannot be resubmitted (to any account let alone a new one) so this could end in the item being disabled entirely

I hope it won’t, i paid decent money for it.
I’d love to have continued support with the item.
I’m just a bit confused why this happened and why it has to be so difficult :sweat_smile:
It had quite a few sales as well so i don’t think i’m the only one being inconvenienced.

But i contacted envato regarding this entire thing.
Patiently waiting for a reply