Author + Affiliate


if I am an author but at the same time I have a site that I plan to make an affiliate is it a problem to have one account for both? I.e. sometimes a purchase may be possible of my own item trough the affiliate site?

Second question - while this is another site (but an affiliate) does that break the “exclusivity” option, or not? (Actually the market place is envato, not a competitor).

Being an author and an affiliate is fine. It’s actively encourage, in fact. No problem using just one account for that, and it doesn’t break the exclusivity rule. The only two main rules are that you can’t sell the item elsewhere… but referring people to your item to buy on Envato is fine. And you can’t buy your own item… using an affiliate link or not.

One more question - I’ve seen some authors embed audiojungle sound into their preview videos (not sure if so in the original version but may be not) where part of them mention the video in the site, some don’t mention it at all. The sound is with “audiojungle” watermark, so it’s just to make it more attarctive.

Is this allowed?

Hi @VideoCatcher,
Happy to help explain this to you (although @SpaceStockFootage has done a sterling job thus far).
Do you mind sending me over an example of authors/affiliates embedding AJ items in their preview videos. I can’t see any real problem with this but would be good to review a few examples and check with our legal teams here.



here is an example:

Cases vary:

  1. a link to the audio and an explanation that it’s not included
  2. just a link to the audio w/o an explanation (I guess it is also not included)
  3. no notes at all (and I guess it is not included in that case too)
    (haven’t bookmarked of type 2. and 3.)

Regarding the affiliate program, I’ve read the tech explanation of tracking and it seems that it is a little disappointing:

  • only new customer
  • only first purchase
  • if the user ever visited envato before, there is no commission.

Do you have any real stats on what % of purchases actually pay commissions having in mind those restrictive rules? (I’ve read somewhere that it’s less than 2% of all sales). Thanks

Yes that’s allowed provided that the author using the watermarked track credits the author of the track by linking back to the track page in the item description.

thanks for that example @VideoCatcher,
Regarding the affiliate program, yes that’s correct. 30% revenue share is paid on new customers only (first deposit/purchase). User must not have visited Envato within 90 days before clicking affiliate link.


Thank you for the answer.

To decide to join or not the affiliate program… do you have any stats on:
% they get paid from the total sales an average affiliate does, i.e. which % fall into those cases:

  • the user is already registered
  • this is not his first purchase
  • the user has visited envato in the 90 days timeframe

Is it true that this number is 98-99% (so the affiliates get paid just for 1-2% of the sales and I guess this % goes lower since more and more online users are aware of envato and visited the site for some reason or are already registered users).

Waiting also on the subject about sound embeds in the videos if that’s OK.