AudioJungle Sales Monitor

Still abysmal since the mid month switch off of visability.

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Same here. I had an explosive December, then nothing in January and February. I haven’t uploaded anything since October, which might be a reason. However, 2016 was my best year on Audiojungle without uploading a single item until October. Constant sales on all 12 months. So, it might be a search thing, after all.


Beginning of the month was good,but now its completely dead…

6 days without a sale… That hasn’t happened in a year!

Thursday was a weird day in a positive way - 7 sales :open_mouth:


Just got a reversal on mass reproduction license, and the purchase was made in 2016. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds great​:+1: Thursday is starting right now in my timezone, looking hopefully forward :smiley:


I got a reversal on Music Mass Reproduction License few hours ago. Purchase was made in 13.08.2016. Half a year ago!! It can be challenged?

very very bad… :confounded:

It’s very annoying
After a year it would be time to move on, no ?


Same here - Whats going on ?! Mass Reproduction License - Purchase was made in 16.08.2016 … Sale reversal six months later … REALLY ??? :confused:

What?same license in the sales reversal, maybe it’s from the same person?mine was buyer from UK. What’s yours? :frowning:

My buyer from UK too.
G Hammond-Hagan
SE20 7QQ
United Kingdom

What !? Same person !? He is also my buyer :confused:

Oops. That same client also bought a track from me in september 2016. Mass reproduction license. Guess, my first reversal is waiting for me soon)

Maybe he was supposed to use the music in a project that never got made and decided to recoup his losses. Still, shouldn’t there be like a one month time frame allowed for reversals ? Six months seems like an awful lot of time to suddenly change your mind. And who can guarantee that he hasn’t already used the music, then decided to get his money back.

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write in support of this account

LOL SAME PERSON!! :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t think it’s a coincidence then. Usually envato autoblocked account which disputed their payment.

it is theft

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I wrote in support, waiting for reply

But after autoblocked account i will get reversal?