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Well sales turned completely off for 2 days after reasonable sales flow. Looks like my capping (exposure in the search engine) has started for the end of this month. I don’t expect anything more than the last 3 months new lower earnings average that started like a switch being turned at the begining of May. A bit like a pay cut.

Again, I am happy to be proved wrong but the pattern for me is all too familiar.

Just 1 little sale on Monday and nothing since. :pensive: Last year i had 70 items in portfolio. Still cant believe i couldn’t reach the same result (at least) with 180 items. It is far from it… Something is really wrong.

Dead Sales(((

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Happy to report some signs of life since my last post. Hope the same for other folk with dead sales.

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Just had a sale but no ‘author fee’ was deducted, which has never happened before. Is that normal?


Of course the only sale I make on author fee free day is my $1 sound effect


Dead week… First half of the month was pretty good but then everything’s just stopped.

Ah did not see that. Cheers!

No sales during the author fee free day, 7 sales the day before and 2 sales in the first 30 minutes after the author fee is introduced again…:joy:

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Six days without a sale, one today. :slight_smile:

Dead august, only one sale. I don’t know what to say, this is disaster.

Come on saleeeeeees ! Come to papa :slight_smile:


All good! All my last sales - Music Mass Reproduction License

First broadcast & film sale. YAY.


The only little pity… the free of authors-fee day is over. :grinning:


Congrats mate :clap:

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Typical! But it’s still “the big one” :tada: :beer: Congrats!

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Congrats mate!!!I miss that moment :smile:

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Lucky you, congrats!
I didn’t get ‘bigger’ licenses since April. It would be nice if they come back, i’ve been really missing!:slight_smile:

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Thanks buddies! :slight_smile:

Sales are like new partners. They come when you don’t think about it. Especially the big ones. :grinning: