AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Thank you for your kind words! Yes, I’ve been not so active in writing tracks last months, and so sales have disappeared.


Mini boost from Taiwan today, still dead month


Average month so far, but I’m still slowly recovering from January apocalipse.

Hey btw. I’m level 6 from yesterday! Next stop - elite in 2022. :smiley:


Reporting something positive for once… one of my newer tracks just sold! :smiley:


Whole 2 days :skull::skull_and_crossbones::skull::skull_and_crossbones:


Selling a pack saved me from a 0 day. Still 2 weeks for sales to regain some speed. :slightly_smiling_face:


3 days without sales…


Your last sale was $24 4 days ago.


Your last sale was $36 3 days ago :fearful:


Your last sale was $39 2 days ago.


Your last sale was $29 2 days ago.


Your last sale was $69 14 days ago.
Happy as it was a standard license, and that some customers still think it is worth more than $20… but…


Your last sale was $4.37 11 days ago


Sales stopped dead EXACTLY mid month. Same old predictable pattern keeping me :man_pilot:


The Audiojungle market is so turbulent and unpredictable. An uphill battle you can’t win. It discourages even the most enthused authors.


I think it does not concern of a top sellers. Top sellers is always in win. And I think the proof of this my thought is the fact that I have never seen even one top seller in this particular thread with his complaint about a low sales. But! Of course I may be wrong! And of course I have to be a top seller for speaking with sure about a top sellers :slight_smile: But I’m not a top seller… So far :slight_smile:


it’s already not funny guys…


Yes, I have 4-6 days break between every 1 or 2 sales. I mean: 1-2 sales then 4-6 days without sales then 1-2 sales then 4-6 days without sales etc. For example, in January I had a sale almost every day. A hard times on AJ now… But as I know a hard times happens almost every year on AJ. So, will hope that everything will be ok in the near future.


New items approved, but sales absolutely dead)


Hi, I would like to tell you that in most cases the newest approved tracks rarely receive sales in the first hour (this is extremely rare, but I have had this several times). Just write tracks, despite the beginning. :slight_smile: I see that you are 6 years old here, but now everything is different, not like before. :slight_smile: