AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2

Nah I mean doing it “properly” meaning working on mastering your craft as much as you can as a priority, then also uploading very high quality items as frequently as possible (maybe twice a week?) to several different websites. Quality comes over quantity of course though! especially in the long run! :slight_smile:


That’s cool! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’ve deffo learnt quality is the most important, but also that it needs to be a weekly thing. Plus to start off with that 60+ hours a week I’m aiming for is mainly just learning how to make new genres. I really wanna get better at making trailer music and want to provide hollywood standard music so I got my hands full enough just with that atm haha.


You’re on the right path, that’s great. My post was about authors who think their upload queue has to be always full at any cost.

You talk about something completely different, I like it. Good luck!


Yeah no worries, tbh to people that do that, a quick look at the top seller profiles should show how quality almost always massively outweighs quantity. And honestly my mentality at first was going in the direction of just getting as much music out there as possible… but for longevity, personal development and the markets sake, yeah it’s just a bad idea!

And thanks! :slight_smile:


Please Guys I can’t find this song please help


The most disgusting week of all time for me.


I am prone to be a bit negative here but that statement is ridiculous. If people want to undersell their sfx and succumb to elements, let them do it. I value my hard work and do not undersell. I can’t afford to. This is happening with music, photography etc. Everyone racing to the bottom to sell at any cost.

Having said that still absolutely dead since the 7th. Utterly utterly diabolical

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2 days without sales. Usually Friday was always a good day for me (4-5 sales per day). Now I have 0 sales on Fridays.

Definitely a dead month, despite the fact that sales are sometimes, but they are too few. :worried:

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Thought I’d chime in on the Sound Effects front. Sales are remarkably low this month. They have not been this low since my first two months on Audiojungle when I had like 40 items.

A specific data point is important, the US sales are specifically low. Usually my US sales are about 30-40 percent of my earnings. Right now I’m looking at them being 13 percent. On top of that, my overall earnings are down about 30-40 percent from a usual month.

Elements may not be the only thing going on but based on the amount of data I can see from my 2 years here. I’d say it definitely appears to be a major factor.

This is the reality of business though, so no use in fighting it. I’m not going to advocate other markets specifically (as is against the rules). But I would advocate that anyone concerned about these changes start thinking about how you’ll make your way through. I recently read a book, “The 1-Page Marketing Plan” I think it is an excellent read for anyone in this community. If you do, get a look at page 151 paragraph 3 specifically :wink:

Anyways, hope someone around here is getting some sales. Best wishes to all!


Elements has been around a few weeks and my sales were pretty much normal up to the 7th of this month. I just think the capping band is getting tighter and tighter.

Being creative, original etc has no bearing on how you make money these days sadly. It’s about numbers and obersatuation of similars.

Hoping for a little boost :man_supervillain:

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being original and creative in stock music probs doesn’t reward but it’ll help you as an individual and an artist to broaden what you could do in other areas of the industry, so I deffo think a good amount of effort should still be spent trying to push yourself to become better creatively.

I actually struggle with being creative tbh (probs my lack of understanding of theory lol) so it’s a big problem for me as I want to go into other areas of the industry too, so I’m trying not to just look at stock music as the be all and end all of my music career and fall into the trap of just laser focusing quantity over quality. Maybe it’s the best strat for stock music these days, but it sure as hell isn’t gunna help me develop properly as an artist.

Edit: to clarify so it doesn’t look like I’m contradicting myself, I personally think quality wins in the end even in stock still but for arguments sake, even if it didn’t it’ll help you in other areas still.

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Thank you for your input. Reading about marketing is on my to-do list (something I always delay in time!). I take note of the book you suggested for future reference. :slight_smile:

About sales, I wrote some thoughts/light humor about the subject on the forum recently, but I might not be in the best position to theorize too much about statistics at the moment. Mainly, because I am inactive here since 4 months (no new uploads), plus I raised all my prices again this week. Right now, I sell a lesser number of items while making more money than by the past (I’m comfortable with that), but I can sense that the gradual slowdown I experiment (in number of items moving) is probably not only due to my decisions.

Elements & US sales (which also seems a bit lower on my side) probably have an effect. At least, to a certain degree.

I plan to continue to upload on a more regular basis (without excess) and maybe also test another pricing strategy in the coming months, so I guess I’ll see clearer in the second half of this year when things should start to stabilize a little more.

Good luck to you and to us all! :slight_smile:

Reading 1 book a month was my New Years resolution and I kicked it off with that suggestion from a friend. So glad I did. It’s a short read and by the time you’re done you can have a real marketing plan (at least the necessary frame work) in place.

My revenue has always been very consistent and I stopped uploading in June or July to observe what happened to the stability of my portfolio. Some items dropped off the map but my popular items have always been very predictable with sales.

I feel like I can pretty confidently say February has not been a typical month. Nor was January really but January has a track record of being slower.


Another terrible week for me with so few sales…
Got two new items approved and still silence!
I guess I have to check out some other markets as a desperate measure! Maybe delete some non sellers here and try them out across the pond :wink:
I know Envato owes me nothing and I am not bitter, but it’s really super disappointing these last few months! Plus i am one of the guys that gave a huge free item, which got downloaded thousands of times and it didn’t give me the much needed exposure, just killed that item sales horribly… Still I didn’t say anything or complain, but c’mon… Please do whatever you DO on the search algorithm improvement and bring back our sales, Envato mates!
:four_leaf_clover: :pray::four_leaf_clover:но


Good idea. I’ll try to do the same. In contrast to what an author recently said, I don’t think it is over for SFX. People said the same about music when the big artists started selling less CDs, but some of them found different ways to adapt and are still living from their craft. Some smaller acts even sell more units now than by the past (those saw that vinyl albums would make a sort of return and combined that with selling digital stuff). They are a minority, but those healthy survivors exists. And not all of them choose the crazy road of endless touring and t-shirts printing.

I’m pretty sure that subscription services won’t disappear anytime soon, but I’ll try to adapt to their presence while avoiding to join them. At least, I have a few solutions to test before I reconsider my decision. Becoming wiser with marketing is one of them, so your book suggestion came at the right time. :slight_smile:

To get back to sales statistics: I sold a few items at an increased price tag last night. One of them at 5$ (when it used to be 1$). That’s around 1/3 of an Elements subscription. This single fact gives me a nice boost of confidence for the future.

That said, I hope Envato’s team continues to take notes and also do their parts to keep this market alive and well. Because reading stories like the one in the post above mine is a bit sad. I sincerely wish better days to authors having a hard time right now.

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Full week without a single sale! I am back to the future :smiley:

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Indeed. There is something strange going on. But the optimist in me says that this is temporary. I choose to believe in him.

Good luck guys.