AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2


Here you go! Someone has been brave enough to make TABs! :smiley:


Absolutely understood.


Half of the sales 2018 in Feb but double rev :wink:


Just did. Any reason for being rude btw?


Only 1 sale yesterday and 0 today. :thinking:

I often try to see the positive sides of things in relation to Envato and do not panic much about sales fluctuations normally, but I have the feeling that, this time, maybe it’s not a natural slow period: I checked the number of sound effects on offer at Elements today: 78 000 items. Considering that there is 228 000 sounds at AudioJungle, 78 000 is a huge number! :crazy_face:

As a defiant soul, I’m tempted to raise all my individual sound effect prices to 16.50$. Maybe I could trick a few buyers into thinking they are buying an Elements subscription? :grin:

Only a joke, of course, but Envato who advertises Elements directly in our carts is also a bad joke, so…


Hahaha, that’s seems like a really good plan! :smiley: Also name your items “Envato Elements”. Cash will come.


haha, amazing plan! :joy: On a serious note though, I think going non-exclusive might be the only option for a lot of people if they carry on forcing customers to Elements.


Just within few months they already put 1/3 of their sfx to elements?
Who knows what will happen next year then


I said a couple of months ago about the SFX issue and that a big player is on Elements. I am so glad that I do not do SFX because it is all over.


Let’s title all Our items with Elements… Hybrid Elements, Ukulelements etc 16.50 bucks each and good times will come :grin:


The biggest mystery of all is why authors themselves are deciding the size of the Audio Elements library, and then pumping up tracks and sfx to gain market share. It seems so wildly unnecessary to me. Why are there no healthy upload limits for authors? We have yet to see evidence of many customers complaining about prices at the market, but why bother with market licensing when you can have a supersized library for free?


I’m assuming that this subscription model will not go anyway anytime soon, neither from this particular market nor this particular planet. So for me the stage of anger and denial is over some time ago. With the fact that it’s almost impossible to sell something wich is not «sugar-free eco-positive inspiring happy clappy indie pop», and with this exponential oversaturation of the market, I don’t see how on earth one could still make a living from selling licenses here. By «here» I mean Stock Music market in general, not AJ as itself. By the way I think AJ is still the best among others both for authors and customers. So it’s time for me (and for many of us fellow authors) to change the strategy. And I think it would really make an impact if enough authors just name their tracks «X X Element», and price it $16.5, but I’m sure it will be considered as misguiding and misleading actions, false advertisement or whatever, because it would be actually so. Last one: I think it is unscientific to count Elements as one major reason for sales drop. We don’t know if there is a drop, because the ones who don’t have one just don’t come here and don’t post anything. Sorry for long speech.


I remember your words. :wink:
But why repeat them today with an added gloomy vibe?

The SFX business is «over»? I don’t think so. I’m even on my way to beat January sales (my 4th best month ever at this market). I mean, if this slow period has an end. But seriously, I still think that not all buyers will jump aboard the Elements train (I explained to you why I think it will be the case, a few months ago). That said, I will certainly need to add more wagons to my own train and repaint a few other ones to maintain my sales and continue to progress. :slight_smile:

About the famous big player (who is even more big since he bought many catalogs from other big players), he has a ton of great and classic sounds to offer (some of which go back to an era before The Flintstones!), but this doesn’t change the fact that some clients still prefer to encourage independents like me. The same goes in just about any other creative fields. Some run to the next Hollywood blockbuster, while others prefer to discover movies by lesser known artists.

I have some similar items to this big player, but in general, he isn’t one of my direct competitors, so I don’t feel like he will become one in the future either. I have more and more sound categories completely absent from his gigantic portfolio, so I’m not stressed about that shop. That said, some more direct competitors are already at Elements. And the list seems to continue to grow.

About this, I thought Envato would keep authors/items under a certain limit. If there is one, the bar seems pretty high. From my point of view, this Elements thing looks more and more like a giant bargain bin at a Walmart spin-off. Personally, I don’t think I will buy items there.

To end this way too long answer, one thing is for sure: I am so glad that I do SFX… and MUSIC! This gives me different possibilities for the future. :wink: :v:


Also non exclusive rates for SFX is not to bad considering there are no buyers fee at the normal licenses, so if I sell a $5 sfx as non exclusive I get a $2.25 cut. Certainly a better deal than for music at $5 :slight_smile: So there are many possibilities.


Oh! I sold an item! I repeat: I sold an item! A multi-use license! At a freshly increased new price tag! Take that, Elements! :facepunch: And thank you dear buyer from Canada! :sunglasses:

Wait a minute… I survived? I now live in a post-Elements world? I think I’m about to faint. :crazy_face:


Then I was right about elements being the undoing of our sfx income. Depressing! :rage:


Well, I always thought that this new Elements chimera would eat «some» of our buyers and sfx income (and I tried to prepare some kind of plan in consequence: I have sounds/musical stuff ready to propose to the remaining buyers). But where I was wrong, is in the number of authors jumping in the mouth of Elements, by their own means, as if there’s no tomorrow…

Good for these authors if they make more money (in the short term), but I chose to stay on my path. I have no plan to join Elements in the near future. At least, it would take many changes before I even reconsider my position. But hey, I wasn’t invited to the party, actually, so the decision wasn’t too hard to take. :wink:


I guess it’s just natural and expectable for anyone to desperately try, by all possible means, to stay afloat when your ship is sinking. My humble opinion is that this ship was not sinking at all, but the guys who pull the strings around here did one hell of a job convincing everybody that it was. The consequences are pretty obvious and many of us are now taking the jab.

I also truly hope that at least those who signed up (some very dear colleagues among them) are at least harvesting a nice income so far, but I’m afraid it won’t last long. Once they open the gates (if they ever do) all the starving AJ authors will desperately jump into this Gericault’s raft that is Elements and the amounts to share will be so lean that it won’t be a good deal anymore for almost anyone. Then is when it will sink for good.

Happy weekend everybody! :beers:



A big race to the bottom for us all.


Just wanna chime in with one positive note. Whether it be through the help of elements or independently, I think if you work 60+ hours a week and make sure to target the trends and niches you’re good at, eventually you will rise above the saturation. Inequality is a horrid thing but if you work harder than everyone else, eventually you’ll be on the right side of it. If that’s helpful long term is deffo up for debate, but usually how things go. Sure the people that constantly trend right now can sit back and make nice bucks, but if you really put in a LOT of hours, you’ll join them eventually.

Now longer term I’m sure a lot of you know my views and worries on the economy in general… but based on the current climate, I think what I said still holds true.