AudioJungle bit rate and sample rate rethink. 16bit 44.1kHz just doesn't cut it with professionals these days.


I have been posting my sound effects only for a few months here and have seen a nice number of sales.

I am very happy that my sounds can reach such a large audience and that people find my sounds useful enough to decide to spend their money on them.

However, to upload my sound effects I have to lower the quality of every audio file and I fell this limits a huge potential audience of professional post audio production clients.

Every sound effect library released these days is at least 24bit 96kHz.
When It comes to sound design, the added information in a higher quality file is almost essential to have if you would like to further manipulate the sound effect without degrading the quality too much.

Are there any thoughts about AudioJungle opening up the option for higher bit rate and sample rate uploads?

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Maybe they have some plan about it in the future, who knows…

I hope so, I think there is potential there.

Seriously! Any other library I work with always has me record and submit at minimum 24/48, i’m surprised this isn’t brought up more frequently.

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Having to upload my mono effects as a stereo file is another strange one.
Maybe some end users end up having the mono file only playing in their left channel, I don’t know.

I think the choice is made on these parameters for several reasons.

  1. Save storage resources.
  2. Save storage resources.
  3. Save storage resources.

There is no sense to explain that in end your file 24 bits 48000 Hertz will morph into a 16 bits 44100 Hertz

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All fine and good but industry standard is bare minimum 24/48. And as stated above: “When It comes to sound design, the added information in a higher quality file is almost essential to have if you would like to further manipulate the sound effect without degrading the quality too much.” - that is quite important.

Just another thing that makes AJ look a little less professional IMO.

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I do not think that customers are engaged in editing purchased files)

That’s my point exactly.
The potential of ‘audio professional’ customers should be more than enough reason to make a change.
I would happily buy sound effects on AudioJungle if the file specifications were 24bit 96kHz.
Sadly at the minute I don’t even think of buying sound effects from AudioJungle.

Of course they are. Especially with sound FX. Why would you think they are not?

If a customer knows how to work with sound, he will not be a customer… In AJ store people are looking for ready-made solutions.

Again, that’s just not true. I work with sound effects all the time in my productions, stretch, warp etc… I also know how to “work with sound” but sometimes you want to use ready made stuff… this is really basic man, not sure why you would argue it.

Does the Envato rule allow you to modify the purchased material? I don’t work with effects and I don’t know it.

I’ll say what I’m sure: if customers were unhappy, Envato changed the quality to the right one. But I didn’t see any complaints. In the end, this conversation is shaking the empty air.

Yes you can. As you can with music as well. If you think your customers aren’t video editors, stretching and manipulating audio to picture in all sorts of different ways (sfx or music) then you don’t understand your customers very well.

You seem to love to hop into threads and give a short-sighted and contrary opinion without backing yourself up with any facts.

If it’s not bothering you, great, but why bother people who are trying to make suggestions to better the marketplace?

It’s not that they arent happy, it’s that they don’t come here because the product needed isnt provided.
You dont go to a dvd rental store to get a movie on your ipad.
Yes you want the movie, but not in that format sadly.
So instead you take your money to an online store that does suit your needs.

AudioJungle should up the sound effects game and start providing higher bit depth and sample rate files. That’s my opinion.

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I will not offend you with my answer… :wink:

please, i’d love to hear it…

well, go sell your effects where allowed 24\48 .

Or ya know, we could work to make AJ a better and more professionally perceived place… they do listen when the community speaks, no harm in it. And how could it possibly hurt you if we were able to upload at 24/48? Are you paying Envato’s server bills? Seems like you just want to argue for the sake of arguing.