Audio jungle Audio jungle, the lady voice is on loop and it's very annoying.

Previewing the musics and sound effects are very disturbing with layered sound of ( AUDIO JUNGLE AUDIO JUNGLE) .Anyone else had the same experience?

Hi @nawido , of course we as the authors need an audible watermark on every preview file. You’re allowed to download the preview file and test, how it fits to your project. If we had no audible watermark, what do you think, how many people would buy then a license?

The only thing I had to admit is, that sometimes the watermark is too loud and is a bit distracting. Some of the authors should spend a bit more effort to fit the watermark level dynamically to the audio file level. In my first time here on AJ I did the same mistake. In my opinion the watermark level could be a subjective criteria in the review process.

I believe that if the watermark level in the preview is too low, almost inaudible, that would lead to a soft rejection.

And, in my opinion, that lady’s voice (actually one of Envato’s co-founders) is much nicer than the voices used in the watermarks on other music stocks.

Yes @Soundset you’re right. But I did not say, that we should decrease the watermark to a nearly inaudible level. If I hear the previews, then often the watermark is simply too loud and distracting, which could be easily corrected. And by the way, I got this respond from a customer, which bought one of my tracks, where I did the same mistake. I took the watermark as it is without any leveling.
It must be audible, yes. But I want to present my audio track and not the AJ watermark - you know, how I mean that. :wink:
And you’re also right, that the AJ watermark sounds way more nice than other stock music markets. The automated watermarking process on others is simply horrible.

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I use Steinberg Wavelab and the audio montage to create the preview files. I very rarely attenuate the watermark, I just select quieter moments within the track and deposit the watermark there. I also make sure that the tail of the track has the watermark as well so that pirates cannot take the whole track and I try to make the preview unusable as much as possible.
Pirates will always find ways to grab your tracks for free and sadly there is not much we can do about it. Back to the topic, yes maybe the watermark is annoying but so is unauthorised use of our music.


Does that mean, when a person gets “elements” license, the watermark is removed? I don’t see anyone addressing this anywhere. And I am not purchasing anything that has a watermark after I pay.

Any product “purchased” on this site will be without a watermark.

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Thank you for that. Much appreciated.


For a free version, yes, I completely understand the watermark.

As a fully-paid and logged-in user, I would much prefer a clean version to listen to. It is horribly distracting after the first few songs.

The watermarked file is not a “free” version; it is a preview file. It can only be used to see if the audio works in a project. It cannot be used in publicized content.


Allow me to clarify as well: “Free” as in “not a paid member”, i.e. a potential new EE/AJ customer is perusing the selections to consider purchasing.

For a paid user, there is no point in watermarking a preview. Indeed, it winds up being counterproductive.

With over 70,000 music tracks to explore, how many times does one need to hear the “AudioJungle” before you simply can’t stand hearing it again?

How many lost sales does that mean for each musician, not to mention at scale?

To put it another way, if you had to ride “It’s a Small World” at Disney in between every other ride and feature, how long until you decide the rest of the park just isn’t worth it?

Sorry, but your analogy is completely irrelevant.

The watermarks are there to protect our intellectual property from misuse, and are used on downloadable preview files by literally every stock music site, bar none. Without them, there would be nothing at all to deter people from illegitimately using our work at will.

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I very much doubt that having a watermark on a preview would result in a lost sale, if that was the case then the buyer was not serious in purchasing. Watermarking our content is the only method from stopping illegitimate use of our work and if that watermark is annoying and audible on every preview then it is doing it’s job effectively as it renders the audio only as a preview to use as a temp track in a project. All purchased tracks or Elements downloaded content should be clear from any watermark. All other stock sites use watermarks as well for their content.

I’m sorry, a little off topic.
Is there a chorus effect in the watermark in the voice, or is it just that I’ve already reworked?)))
And yes, the voice is sexy :heart_eyes:

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You can send the suggestion to Envato’s Elements improvement/help centre.

Edit: The form is missing! Someone should suggest to them that their suggestion system needs fixing! :sweat_smile: