Audio Jungle repeat vocals.

Everything in the AudioJungle music pack selection sounds great, and the one complaint is the same voice repeating in the background. The voice is female and says something along the line “go ahead jackie” or “go ahead and see.” Its annoying as can be but I am wondering if it is part of the whole pack music line

Hi rufio_starcatcher,

What you’re hearing is a watermark, which is used to prevent theft (users downloading the preview version and using the track without purchasing a license). All tracks on AudioJungle (and most other sites) are required to have a watermarked preview file for this reason. When you purchase a license though, the files you receive will have no watermark - just the music.

The voice in watermark is saying “AudioJungle” by the way :wink:


Can I use preview version for my youtube / blog without puchasing it first?