Audio Clip from AE Template

Can anyone assist me in identifying the audio clip used in this template?

Thank you in advance!!!



@motionbeard crediting the music is mandatory!!!

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@PurpleFog Elements rules have changed? Can you send us a confirmation of your words?

@motionbeard it’s not a question of rules, I think. it’s a question of fairness.

@Daydreamz-Studios any links are prohibited by the rules, so it was. Something has changed?
There are links to music on the Videohive page.

Rules have not changed. It’s always been like that. You can use music preview from AJ, as long as you credit the author.

Check out @Creattive 's portfolio to see how it’s supposed to be done.

AJ authors have never agreed to have their music be used without being properly credited.

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Thanks! I thought it was forbidden along with links!