at Themeforest does have to pay a one time or monthly?



Hi Everyone

I want to buy a theme for shopify on themeforest, but I don’t understand what is the regular and extended license. and do we have to do a one time payment or monthly? Please give me an explanation and a solution, thank you.


You don’t need an extended theme unless you plan to use the theme in your own product which you will distribute or sell. If you only plan on using a theme and setting up your own website, then you need a Regular License.

There’s two ways to pay now.

  • For a few themes, you can pay $19 USD /month and get managed hosting with the theme included. Details here:
  • For all other themes, you pay the Regular License cost one-time for each website you install the theme on at a time. (If you have 2 websites using the theme simultaneously then you need 2 licenses, but if you take the theme off one site and move it to a new site you don’t need to buy another license).


That means if I only buy one theme, I just need to do a one time payment, and whether the theme that I purchased it will be valid forever for my website?

This is the theme that I want to buy,


Yes, correct


Oh, thank you.
I have a website, with a system of order and purchase, whether with regular license that supports it? I am afraid if I have purchased the theme, and could not perform a system of order and purchase. :frowning:


Use a Regular License, you can sell stuff on your site with it. You just can’t resell the theme itself. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much it has helped me and gave solutions :smiley: