Assistance needed



Looking for some assistance.

I tried to install a purchased theme from themeforest the blackfyre and its installed and can see it in the WP admin panel but when i want to activate it its giving an error see pictures attached if you can help id be greatful. when i try go back into the WP-admin panel brings up that error.



Hard to say something, it’s code error and i believe should be inspected & fixed via FTP.


so what you suggest i do? Its a purchased theme, why is it giving a code error?


You should ask support from developer of this template.
Or try to fix this by yourself, it’s seems like pretty easy2fix bug.


if’s its very easy to fix would you kindly help me out and tell me what to do to fix it?


Pastebin content of that file and drop link here.
5-10 first lines would be enough.


of that specific file?

like so


This file seems fine (at least first line).
What’s your PHP version is?
Also, provide Word Press version as well.


PHP Version 5.6.14

Wordpress Version : 4.3.1


Versions of software is fine.
Well, then it’s required to track what file is including “pluginactivation.php” and identify the error.

If you good in code, i suggest you to install xDebug in your PHP, then this error will be easy trackable.


nop not good at code.


Well, then you should contact theme developer to fix this.
I can’t provide futher assistance without talking about code stuff.

All i can say, is that this error is triggered by some other file, which includes “pluginactivation.php”.


HI. i had this problem to. solved it by downgrade my wordpress version.