I can't reproduce the errors reported by the reviewers


Guys, I can’t reproduce the errors reported by the reviewers, so the theme was rejected, do you know what tools they uses for debugging? I use Local by Flywheel along with the Theme Check plugin and wp_debug set to true. What else should I use?

Thank you!

Kindly share the reviewer comments and captures.

The reviewer comments are related to theme broken issue and these are the two screenshots.
Thank you!

Any help, please? :grinning:

It’s most likely reviewer is using newer PHP version. This error usually appears if the array value is null or empty.
Simply use isset check:

$array_value = isset( get_theme_mod( 'settings' ) ) ? get_theme_mod( 'settings' ) : array();

if ( $array_value['fonts'] ) {
  your code here...
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I figured out what my code should look like and yes, it looks like the reviewer is using PHP 8. Thanks for the help! :star: