Ask feedback before submitting

Hello everyone,

I am new codecanyon author. last year i got hard rejected item (actually i develop that item for more than 7 months. Very big project).

Right now, i have another item i want to submit (i develop this item for 7 months too). but psychologically, because i already got hard rejected, it is very hard to submit again (eventhou the item already done).

Can i ask feedback here even before submit my new item? is it legal?


There’s no regulation that it states you cannot, if you wish, you could post the demo link and get some comments before submitting the item.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

My application is online radio player. i built using flutter as a frontend, and PHP laravel as a backend.

Here it is the web admin
It is play store demo app

Almost every color aspect in this app can be configured.


Mobile category is not my profession, I hope someone else could help you but from what I see, you may need to improve the design a bit more.

Your item lacks the premium vibe. You should consider redesigning the dashboard.

I have no idea what this dose…

You need a landing page explainig this and I don’t see a documentation for it.

This will not get approved unless you do it right, presentation and documentation is as important as the project!

Hi, good to have you, in order to get any item accepted a good documentation is needed and it helps the item reviewer to get better understand the purpose of your item and is it acceptable.
hope your item get accepted.

@ki-themes , @TitanSystems Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

@ki-themes Do you mean my mobile app design? could you give more feedback

@TitanSystems Do you mean my web app? Should i redesign it? because the web app only used by admin

@FWDesign and @ISEKAISOFT Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate it. Actually i already make the documentation. Here it is

Yes, App-design category is not my thing but…

The application doesn’t look something that you could sell as a template. You could best case, improve the design a bit and make some money on it by ads.

The idea is too simple and it’s not hard to manage it by WordPress and mobile apps. You may need to find better idea or improve the current one.

The documentation and other things are important but the most important part as first, the design and the idea. ( if it can be sold as template )