CodeCanyon keeps rejecting apps

Hi community,
i have one item in codecanyon, i have been working on two more apps to put then on codecanyon, i uploaded one app one week ago and it got hard rejected saying that you have to improve its UI, well it was a professional UI template, supporting mobile and tablet, there was nothing much to improve, and it said that you cant resubmit this item again,

well i kept working on the other app, it was a recipes app, where you have 17K+ recipes, and you can search them based on ingredients, and lots of other features like notes, favorites and stuff.

so i received and email saying that its rejected and you cant resubmit it again,

both apps had same message from Quality team reviewer,
Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:
“I will need you to significantly improve the UI of the application. It looks too barebones right now. I’m not asking for utter sophistication, just acceptable levels of refinement. If this were a class or a snippet, I wouldn’t mind if it had a bad looking demo but since this is a complete system I have to take every facet of it into account.”

so i wonder if they even see the submitted item, or it gets rejected automatically, as it seems an automatic message for both apps.

i would love to hear you thoughts on it.