Submission Missing

Hi all,
10 days ago I submitted an Android Application in CodeCanyon, and was waiting for review.
Today, it just disappeared. I checked my mail if it got any review, but nothing was there.
As far as I know, Even if it got rejected, there must have been an email/response from Envato.
This was my first item, so I’m kind of confused.
What am I missing?

Check the hidden items under your profile. If there’s nothing there, most likely it’s rejected and you should get a email soon. ( Don’t forget to check your SPAM folder )

In worst case, you can create a ticket on Envato support for the investigation


Thanks a Lot

No response, Again.
I resubmitted the project, but it has been queued for 5 days. I suspect this will go missing again.
I have no clue what could be the problem?
Anyone faced this issue before?

Are you using @gmail like account or a custom email?

@gmail account.

No reply from support?

Well I just finally received and email from envato. Don’t know what happened to the previous submission, but this time it was rejected. Which is enough for me, as I can work on something else now.
Not sure if I didn’t complain, they would respond though.