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I’ve bought “X | The Theme” and downloaded “Installable wordpress file only”.
When I’m trying install the theme I end up with wordpress failure notice as shown in the above image. I’ve tried with different browser but still facing the same problem.
I did try unzip file to see if I could find any zip files to install but dint find any.
I’m very new to wordpress and unable figure out the issue. Please help me out.
Any kind of help would be really appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi, it’s better if you go to their own support forum to ask your issue.

Best to ask on the X support forum.

Generally this happens if the file is too large (maybe the hosting account has a limit on the size of file you’re allowed to upload? ask the hosting provider?)

I checked my host they said there is no limitation for the file size. more over the theme size is just 15mb.

There will be limits in the host, the one you want is called upload_maxfilesize which is set in php & limits the size of the file you can upload using WordPress (or any other script).

You can overwrite this manually in the wp-config.php or the .htaccess file, or you can use a plugin such as

I normally set my sites to be 96M or 128M as that seems to cover the largest files

I know nothing about the coding and the webs and all that, but I do know that you don’t upload the zip file that you download from Envato as is. You need to unzip the main zip and then upload a zip that will be within the main folder. Not sure if that helps, but yeah… best to speak to the X dudes.

Hey gareth, I did try that plugin but dint work out…

I did try unzip the main downloaded file but did not find any zip file to upload in wordpress.

If you have experience with FTP uploading, this may be your best option.

No Sam… Dont have any experience with FTP uploading but I’ll try searching for any youtube tutorial. Anyways will let u know if it works out. Thank you.

Thank you Sam. FTP worked out… Thank you so much.
But now stuck with new problem.

Irrespective of any theme i’m trying its the same result… I dont get any pages or images but just some random stuff as u can see in the above images.
Product licensing is also done… I dont know whom to contact to figure out this problem. I dint find any contact number to call themeforest to clear my doubts… I seriously wish if i could remove this theme and get my refund.
Someone please help me out.

You’ll need to get in touch with the author directly, so they can help…

Hi @nkailasa that code is shown if you have not installed/activated Cornerstone as that is where all Shortcodes are managed. Please do that on your Addons > Extensions list, then if you need anything further, a member of our development team will be happy to assist in our forums. If you haven’t done so already, you can register for access here.


P.S. Many thanks to those who chimed in to assist!

Thanks for instructions. Its looks good now.!!!

No problem, glad all is in order now! If you need any further help we’ll be happy to assist you in the community center. :slight_smile: