Are Good Artist worst Seller? My little knowledge on Envato.

There are many strategies for taking market. But what else should I do if commercial audio items consists the ukulele/stomps templates and no more? I feel myself an Artist firstly and than Seller. And I am interesting to bring the different notes (impressions) to customers.... not only ukulele strumming, whistles and bells.  

Let’s discuss it!
That is my clip on my Envato track:


You sure brought something new in the way posts are written :slight_smile:


Hello ! I also do not understand the market envato but I do know that with each new track, you have to find new sounds that will fascinate :slight_smile:


Every Jack has his Jill. Do that it is necessary for soul!


You could write 50 ukulele tracks and not sell any. Like everything else in life, marketing+promotion is more important than what you produce. Good marketing here can be as simple as search engine optimization.

Good luck!


I couldn’t :slight_smile:


I don’t know, but I noticed that most of my sales come from tracks that are generic, badly mixed and mastered and boring. Tracks on which I spend long time making are just collecting dust with no sales… :slight_smile:


Please no…


That is an inspirational challenge.


That’s because video makers don’t want background music which is better than their videos…I don’t know, just saying…


There is really new style of message!)))) I am in a shock myself.


Maybe Yes. Maybe Not…


it is special info. tomorrow I will change my strategy))).