Approved PSD Template but HTML Template Hard Rejected

Here’s my PSD Template -

And here’s the HTML Template -

There are 4 pages included in the first version - Capture

I seriously don’t know why they hard rejected the HTML template. Please help.

Any reply would be appreciated.

Hi, you design is good but I think that your design forum not category html but category themeforest special “forums” phpbb, etc you can try make it and maybe approved phpbb forum

Okay, will try that. Thanks

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Did you open support ticket?
They can tell you more about your rejected theme.
Good luck

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Yes, I did, waiting for a reply.

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  1. Make the links clickable, any single topic link in home page can link to details topic.
  2. Footer menus can have individual html page and linked, you have 4 pages and unless someone click on the menu no one can understand where are those pages. I think the reviewer found only one html page while checking the online demo first and got frustrated!
  3. What I do I try to link internal pages as much as possible
  4. I think you should increase the pages from 4 to 10, like about us, team, contact us etc should be some individual html pages.
  5. Put the latest version of jquery.
  6. your style.css files includes the bootstrap and grid css which you already included before that style.css line . what I think the coding needs improvement, while it was psd it was ok, while it’s html they will check more code like css, js, html.

okay, thanks for the feedback

PSD/HTML/CMS categories has different standards.

Getting an approval for PSD doesn’t guarantee that you will get approval for HTML and as the same HTML template doesn’t guarantee that you will get an approval for WordPress ( or any CMS )

This is not something new, I remember one of my submission HTML to WordPress ( partnership item ) has been rejected ~2 years ago

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alright, I get that part. Thanks

Update - Thanks to everyone for suggesting options. I’ve contacted author support and they approved my item for sale. I didn’t even have to resubmit the item. I just got an email from support telling me my item has been approved.

Here’s the item link -

Congratulations and good luck with sales. Same thing happened with my item too. It was hard rejected and when I contacted support they approved the item. But the question of why it was hard rejected remain unanswered :frowning:

I guess mistakes happen from everyone, they need to review each items carefully before hard rejecting items, authors put a lot of work and effort for each item.