Apply for a Refund

Anyone know where I apply for a refund?
I looked everywhere and the refund option only has open and closed tickets but no option to open a ticket.
Or seeing as I paid via paypal do I just submit a refund option at paypal?

Hi, please read more about refunds here:

This will get your account locked including all downloads. Definitely don’t do that. Use the official refund process which is on the link @miseld put above.


They are an Australian company and if the lock my account I will just take them to the small claims court, it is illegal for them to do that in Australia.

Thanks Miseld and baileyherbert, they couldn’t hide the refund option any further in their help system lol

I hope you will solve the problems ASAP. Sometimes small mistakes happen, but trust me we all are honest authors that are working hard to make buyers satisfied.

Thanks Miseld, it looks like I won’t need to request a refund, the author seems to be looking at the problem now.
I really appreciate your quick responses and helpful replies. Much appreciated.

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