Where is my refund?

You guys have 0 customer service / support. There was a duplicate purchase made last week, I emailed support and the author, no response. What’s going on?

The author may need a bit of time to process your request depending on how busy they are. Hopefully they will respond to you soon.


You are not the only one dealing with poor customer service. Be glad that it is just poor customer service and not downright fraud and theft as it in my case.

I purchased a plugin a few months ago, and I was displeased with the way it functioned. I requested a refund and was denied, being given a reason of “It works as described”. I filed a dispute on the decision and after a ton of emails back and forth, the people decided that since my account was in good standing that they would issue a refund in the form of credits to my account, but said they would not refund my money.

That was fine with me since it had already been 3 months since I filed the complaint. Well at the time I had nothing I needed to purchase but the email said if the credits expired that they would issue them again.

Well about a week and a half ago I had something I needed for a project I am working on, and I remembered I had those credits. I logged into my account and started to check out using the credits and they were gone. They had been removed from my account.

Not only that but the invoice for my purchase, my entire purchase history, and all of my downloads had been cleared from my account as well.

Whenever I email, I get no responses other than a couple of short messages saying that I have no purchase history so I must be mistaken. When I reply to those and send copies of the previous emails and invoices showing the complaint, refund request, issuing of credits, and everything else, I get no responses.

Since they have taken my money and refuse to give me anything for it (since I don’t even have access to the original plugin because it is no longer listed on the account), it is about to become a HUGE issue for the company and the people that have emailed me continually about this occurrence.

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