[API] `code` has been removed from /authors/sales endpoint 😠

This is so annoying!

Why have you remove the code property of /authors/sales endpoint?

How we supposed to setup a support system when you constantly change something on your API?

/cc @createdbypete @nocache @vonconrad

Just curious, What the code thing supposed to do?

And what kind of support system are you building. :smiley: means every author now needs one :stuck_out_tongue:

I contains the purchasecode of the sale

Oh no it’s gone has it?

edit: ahh crap. well that was fun while it lasted. haha

it’s still in /buyer/purchases so we can at least still verify individually that way.

I can see why it was removed from /author/sales - that would have let us get the username (and user details) of every single sale in history, something that isn’t currently possible (and probably shouldn’t be possible) through the normal market sites.

Putting my vote in for a “supported_until” flag in /search/comments endpoint.

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No, this should be possible!

I’m the seller. I have the right to get the data. When Envato was the seller I had no problem when this data is private

Any updates here?