Verify a purchase with new API, weird permissions required


why is the “View your items’ sales history” permission required to access the /author/sale endpoint? The “Verify purchases of your items” should be the only required one. Did a dev confuse things?


Yea I just tick all permissions lol. They don’t match up very well

Looks like is down, the “API Method Listing” spinner works forever.

Well, that’s surely not how it should be. And to be honest, I have no clue why they are having such a hard time applying these permissions correctly, espcially the obvious ones.

We need this for the purchase code verification at the installation and surely won’t expose our financial stuff due to this wrong permission requirements. If that is not going to get fixed we will just do it over our own server. It is getting really annoying.

Can we please get a staff member to reply?

This new forum is completely useless…