Anyway to find a track once the preview code has been lost?

Hi there :slight_smile: It seems I cannot find the original track after editing a demo …I’ve lost the original AudioJungle file with its preview code in the file name. I need to buy exactly that track’s license to use it. Any suggestion to track down the original author and file? From the help center I’ve received a “no sorry, we can’t help”. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello! You need to put a link to preview the track. Do you have any track preview (file mp3)? Put it here. And maybe someone will help you.

…Well, since the track is still marked AudioJungle I suppose this is not violating any rule. Ok, 30 secs* here, filename “lost_preview_code_ENVATO_AUDIOJUNGLE-30secs.mp3”

  • While editing the demo I’ve even lost the original audiotrack lenght :frowning: Btw was around 2/30 mins.

Maybe you could check your browser history and narrow it down to mp3s you have downloaded.

I know, browser history lost, my MacBook was exploding*. …And DropBox even not active in that lapse of time. Have really no clue. Btw if anyone could suggest the right keywords to move in the research this would be great, the link to the audio sample is above in my previous posts.

*PS, I’m not messy, :wink: I’ve never lost a file; this has been very unfortunate. Any help is welcome and it is for a very noble project/cause btw.