How can i find a lost audiojungle track to which i don't have the name / file-number anymore?

My problem is as follows: I put a preview Track from Audiojungle under an Animation i did. Because of a crash i lost part of that project including the track itself - however i still have a rendering with the preview track in it, so i have the previewtrack itself, but without any filename or connection to where i found it on audiojungle. I want to buy the track but can’t seem to find it anymore, my only clue is that it should be between 85-86 bpm and probably somewhere in genre direction of electronica / experimental/ abstract. Can anyone helpf me how to find this track? I suppose there is no reverse audio search on audiojungle? Any other ideas?

Hey! Put the track here for us to listen (soundcloud or youtube). Maybe someone will recognise it.

Hey! This is the track i’m desperately trying to find: Stream Lost - Audiojungle - Track by User 470444274 | Listen online for free on SoundCloud